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I'm one of the lucky ones.
Anonymous wondered:
I can't believe I once admired you, you're a just drugged fag.

Everyone has their own opinions, I get that. I also understand how some people might change their views on me from what’s been happening. But for you to come to me and tell it to my face?


First of all, how dare you call me something like that? My sexual orientation is nobody’s business but my own- let alone trying to make me feel bad about it. That’s what you meant. You wanted me to feel ashamed of myself. Of my personal issues, of who I love and of who I am today.

And to bring up something I’m going through, something I’m incredibly ashamed of and something I choose not to make public? Especially when I’m in the middle of recovering from it, is absolutely horrible. You wouldn’t insult a man who’s trying to quit alcohol by telling him he’s an alcoholic; you remind someone, at all, of something that they are ashamed of and want to put a stop to it.

They’re showing bravery- something you clearly don’t understand if you’re seeking to hurt people anonymously over the internet. So I’m sorry if you don’t support me. I have a boyfriend who does, and I can rely on my friends and family who can join in too.

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